Saturday, April 9, 2011

1 week till Boston!

I wish that I would have journaled more for this Boston training time, but it seems like this time around things haven't been quite ideal. So for my 16 weeks of running to get ready for it I'll mention some of the highlights or lowlights of it all.

Let's go back to March 5 my birthday. The big one. 30 years old. I ran 20 miles and they actually went pretty well. I keep telling myself that turning 30 is acutally going to be a good thing. 30's not that different than 29, life is good, and I'm running Boston, a life goal.

To make turning 30 even more special we were headed to Maui a few days later. I was supposed to run 16 miles there but unfortunately we were there when the tsnami hit Japan and were evacuated from our hotel at 11pm due to the Tsnami warning sirens blarring through the islands. So we spent a night in a car along with hundreds of others waiting it out. Thankfully we were okay, but having a night with no sleep but a dent in my running for that week.

We got home and both my boys were sick, especially my 2 year old. He got croup really bad and that was really scarey. I had to stay up with him all night (making sure he was breathing) and taking him outside to get him cold air when he wasn't breathing well. The next morning (an 8 mile tempo run day)was spent at the doctors getting him steriod treatments and breathing nebulizers. I had a week of not great sleep.

Just when I thought the sun was shining again I came down with a severe snotty head cold. I did my final 20 (about 2 weeks ago) very sick. If I would even tilt my head forward or look down I'd get a disgusting fountain of snot pouring out of my nose. Sorry for the graphic image, sick I know. :( The good news is that I actually ran that 20 still maintaing around a 9 min. mile which is pretty good for being sick.

Unfortunately I haven't had the most ideal training, but now I'm 1 week away from running The Boston Marathon and I'm super excited. I feel ready despite it all. This time around I'm not trying to qualify for Boston, I've made it and I want to enjoy the race, so the pressure is off. I've been tapering my runs these past few weeks and finished my last "distance" one today with 8 miles. 8 miles in the very wet, very snowy, very slushy spring day today. But it's good. I'm happy and so excited to be apart of an amazing race next Monday. So here's to hoping for good weather, good health and a great race. Boston here I come!


  1. You're going to rock it! Just let those endorphins kick in at mile one and ride them the next 25.2 miles! :)

  2. Woohoo, you did it , you made it through all that training one more time. We know that is actually the hardest part! Now it the race, and you are going to do GREAT! I will be praying for you, that you will have great weather, and that you will finish strong. I am one PROUD Momma! Love you.

  3. Proud of you Am. I just signed up for my first 5k..and then for a half in October. I'm excited! Hopefully I can love it as much as you do!! Miss you !

    Love xoxo