Friday, January 28, 2011


This was posted on the Boston Marathons website of the finish line...picture taken today. They said they have gotten over 60 inches of snow this year. Looks cold, but running in the cold is the story of my life lately!

Seeing this gave me a few tummy flips of excitement for the marathon. Even though today my 12 mile run was grueling. The inversion was thick and at times I could only see a couple feet ahead of me. It was so cold that my eyelashes and eyebrows were covered in freezing snow. I forgot to pick up my usual carb boom energy gels so I took a powerbar gel (hated it) and really missed the pick up that carb booms offer me. By mile 9 my muscles felt hard and stiff and those final hills about killed me. I was feeling down after my run. Actually I just wanted to wrap up in a blanket and stay there for the rest of the day. Of course I didn't but I wanted too. :) Looking forward to warmer runs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pick a side

Pet Peave #1 in running...Stay on your side!
On Saturday I was at the end of a 10 mile run, coming straight up hill (a mile uphill to be exact) and just as I was finally approaching the top there was a young girl running down hill towards me. First of all I run against traffic (after many closecalls with nonwatching or nonstopping cars) I've learned to run against traffic to see whats coming. So there was snow to my left, cars to my right and a girl coming straight for me. Usually in this case, you each pick your side and pass eachother. But this girl wasn't going to pick any side. So as I keep waiting and propelling myself forward (I'm struggling uphill) at the last second she decides to move at the same time as me. So we proceed to play lets move the same exact way untill we almost run into eachother. Finally I'm forced to stop dead and say to her in my most annoyed tone (annoyed that I'm having to waste my needed oxygen at this point on talking) "What way are you going"? So moral of the story...pick a side, stay there and better yet, please stay away from me when I'm going uphill.

Other than that and the awful yucky weather we've been having, trainings been going pretty well. I'm afraid that I'm developing a heel spur on my left heel, but after a couple of miles the pain tends to fade. And as long as I don't put much weight on it throughout the day, I'm fine. We'll see how long this lasts. I'm hoping for no injuries this time around. Fingers crossed...again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First 2 weeks of Boston training...check

I just finished another frigid training run. 9 miles today. How do I love the Inversion in Utah oh let me not count the ways! Last Saturday I had an 8mile run in 5 degree weather and today I think it was in the teens, but so foggy I could barely see in parts. I can't wait for the sun! Not only is it safer, warmer, but it does wonders for my spirit. So I'm hoping it's not too far away. I am now 14 weeks away from running Boston! So far my first 2 weeks of training have gone pretty well. It's always a little hard to get back into the routine of things (not to mention that we've been having severe sleeping problems with our 2 year old). But I think he's finally out of this phase (fingers crossed) and I'm hoping to get more rest and not feel so tired!