Friday, January 28, 2011


This was posted on the Boston Marathons website of the finish line...picture taken today. They said they have gotten over 60 inches of snow this year. Looks cold, but running in the cold is the story of my life lately!

Seeing this gave me a few tummy flips of excitement for the marathon. Even though today my 12 mile run was grueling. The inversion was thick and at times I could only see a couple feet ahead of me. It was so cold that my eyelashes and eyebrows were covered in freezing snow. I forgot to pick up my usual carb boom energy gels so I took a powerbar gel (hated it) and really missed the pick up that carb booms offer me. By mile 9 my muscles felt hard and stiff and those final hills about killed me. I was feeling down after my run. Actually I just wanted to wrap up in a blanket and stay there for the rest of the day. Of course I didn't but I wanted too. :) Looking forward to warmer runs.


  1. I saw you heading up Sego Lily around 8:50am this morning and I was super impressed. You are an inspiration, frozen eyelashes and all!

  2. Hi Amber,

    My name is Jericho and I'm part of the Carb Boom team. I'm glad to hear that Carb Boom works so well for you on your training sessions!

    Hope you follow us our website at Facebook when you get a chance for events, updates and discounts. Good luck on your training!