Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plantar Fascias

Plantar Fascias...the diagnosis is in. No wonder my heel has been on fire anytime I stand, walk or put weight on it. Sunday our Super Bowl host also is a physical therapist. He helped me last year when I ran Salt Lake, and had problems with my knee. I had an eventful Sunday with food, football (okay so I don't think I really watched any football) and some therapy and taping. He's great and I couldn't believe how much taping my foot helped. I felt instant relief. He's also getting me a splint thing that I will put on my foot to sleep in at night. He said if I ice, stretch, (I hate doing both of those)wear the splint at night and get taped I should heal in about 4 weeks. So theres some hope in sight. I have a 16 mile run on Saturday and with the ibuprofen I'm hoping to do just fine. :)


  1. Ouch! That is a killer! I know you aren't one to take it easy, but try to! ;)